Ontario Ice Storm (Sony A7)

Saturday December 21st was the beginning of ‘Winter Solstice’ aka ‘The First Day Of Winter’ here in the Northern Hemisphere. And it didn’t take long for Winter to make her presence known.

On the night of the 22nd an ice storm hit much of Southern Ontario as it took the scenic route on its journey to Atlantic Canada (where such storms seem to live, or at least vacation this time of year)

Heavy ice-covered tree limbs falling on power lines caused outages to over 350,000 homes.  As clean-up crews and utility workers from across the country work around the clock, many homes are still without power a week later.

Toronto, Canada’s largest city, was one of the hardest hit with downed power lines forcing people to leave their home in search of  ‘warming centres’, and several injuries and a couple deaths being reported due to carbon monoxide poising by those not willing to do so.

Luckily, our home in SW Ontario about an hour-and-half from Toronto was spared much of the ice-storm’s wrath (losing power for less than an hour).

It’s bitter-sweet how such powerful, chaotic, fierce, forces of nature can be so devastating while at the same time contain such an element of beauty.  With reports of the icy-cold tragic impact of the storm also came stories of the warm-heartedness of humanity – people helping people.  Photos of the damaged homes and vehicles and property followed by images of a beautiful ice-encrusted world.

I had received the Zeiss 35m f2.8 lens I ordered for the Sony A7 on Friday night and was planning to take some test/sample shots with it that weekend.  Instead, I snuggled up with a warm cup of cocoa on the Saturday content with viewing the world through the window next to the fireplace, or on TV.  But as the world began to thaw on Sunday I ventured out for a walk, taking along the A7 and 35mm.

I’m pretty durable, but how would the weather-sealed A7 fare, I wondered?

Having been pelted with freezing rain and ice pellets during the first half of the walk, and light rain during the latter half (as the day warmed up) I can say… it fared well indeed!

Here are a few shots from the walk, all taken with the A7 and 35mm f2.8.

Have a great weekend – stay warm!!

Icicle Lights
Icicle Lights
Frozen bird feeder (lamp shade?)
Frozen bird feeder (lamp shade?)
Berry Cold!
Berry Cold!
Warning: Do Not Touch With Tongue
Warning: Do Not Touch With Tongue
The arrow should be pointing downward (as it was very slippery)
The arrow should be pointing downward (as it was very slippery)
Frost Fence
Frost Fence


5 thoughts on “Ontario Ice Storm (Sony A7)

  1. Mike

    Beautiful shots Shawn!!!
    Here in Michigan I was without power from the 21st thru most of yesterday. I have back up heat so was ok. I can deal with no electric….christmas was real quiet!!!
    All is back to normal now, some shots on my flickr stream.
    Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

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