Granville Island

On our trip to Vancouver we stopped at Granville Island.

Granville Island is a peninsula across from downtown Vancouver; once an area of industry its been converted into a hot, urban shopping region (and to be honest, a bit of a ‘tourist-trap’)

The shops are mostly small, independent artisan and craft shops, though there’s also a large, busy and vibrant farmers market (the island also houses the Emily Carr University of Art and Design).

The day was overcast with a light rain, but the fruit stands of the farmer’s market provided some nice colour on an otherwise grey-day.

Granville Island Fruit Market (Sony A7)

Granville Island Fruit Market (Sony A7)

I came across an interesting bicycle, loaded to the hilt (and beyond) with all sorts of shopping bags (fifty? a hundred?  maybe more??) filled with pop cans and bottles.  It was hard to believe it could be ride-able with so much ‘cargo’ strapped to it.  As I raised my camera to take a photo a man ran over – ‘No, please…  Please don’t take a photo’.  ‘It’s an interesting set-up’, I said.  ‘I can’t believe how much you’ve been able to get on there’  ‘Yes’, he said.  I’m doing my bit, helping to recycle. But I’d like to remain anonymous’ ‘I understand’ I said, and lowered the  camera.

After an interesting day exploring the shops and their treasures we took a water taxi back to the city.

Granville Island Water Taxi

Granville Island Water Taxi (Sony A7)

Robson Street, Downtown Vancouver (Sony A7)

Robson Street, Downtown Vancouver (Sony A7)

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