Street Shots With The Sony RX1

First off, a big ‘thank you’ to Sony Canada for hosting this meet-up – it was a lot of fun! And also for bringing along the FE 85mm f1.4 G Master lens (very cool).  You can see some street portraits I took with it here.

It was a pleasure to meet Ben, a very nice guy and amazingly talented photojournalist.

The last post centered around the stunning bokeh and absolutely beautiful rendering of the 85mm with some street portraits shot fairly wide open. The challenge (set by Ben) was to ‘work on a weakness’ and for me, that was street portraits (my nervous, first time!)

As mentioned last time, I also took along my much loved RX1. I did not take  portraits with it. Instead, I used it for candids. The challenge to be met in that case (again set by Mr. Lowy) was to ‘show Yonge-Dundas Square’ (likely one of the most photographed locations in Toronto) ‘in a different way.’ But I also felt it important to show the ‘essence’ of YDS which, to me at least, is really about people interacting with the square, whether hanging-out our just passing through, and of which the array of water fountains, tables and seating benches, open space, surrounding buildings and subway/TTC all play a role.

Here is my attempt. All shots taken with the Sony RX1.

DSC05056 (Resized)DSC05071 (Resized)DSC05073 (Resized)

DSC05080 (Resized)

DSC05086 (Resized)

DSC05087 (Resized)

DSC05096 (Resized)

DSC05097 (Resized)

DSC05104 (Resized)







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