A Greek Odyssey Part 1 – Athens

We spent the first 3 days in Athens, a city of old and new.

DSC05455 (Resized)

RX10 M2 f4.5 1/2000

It’s almost surreal to be in a city which is many ways is like many other major cities – the hustle-and-bustle of traffic, apartments and store-fronts, restaurants, businesses… and yet, around every corner, is a piece of ancient history and early civilization.


DSC05524 (Resized)


DSC05384 (Resized)

There are heavily touristed areas such as The Plaka, an area mostly closed to cars, where souvenir shops, jewelry stores, outdoor cafes and restaurants abound.


DSC05531 (Resized)

Set above the city, the Acropolis is the main attraction for many visitors.


DSC05471-2 (Resized)

RX10II f4.5 1/2000

DSC05479-2 (Resized)


DSC05423 (Resized)
The New Acropolis museum holds a vast amount of archeological treasures!


DSC05584 (Resized)

RX10II f2.8 1/1000

And the daily ‘Changing Of The Guard’ at the Greek Parliament building has become almost synonymous with Athens.


DSC05679 (Resized)

RX10II f4.5 1/1600

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