Hi-Tech vs. Classic (Camera Pouches)

Don't get me wrong - I love modern hi-tech. design and material: Polypropylene, PU coated nylon, ballistic nylon, closed-cell foam, Gore-tex, Polyurethane coating, dry-flow air mesh, and the like. But there's just... something... about the classic materials: canvas, leather, brass buckles, etc..  There's a 'je ne sais quoi', a timeless-ness. And a certain tactile quality. For me, both designs (modern … Continue reading Hi-Tech vs. Classic (Camera Pouches)

Meeting Ben Lowy

At a recent Sony street photography meetup I had the opportunity to meet one of my favourite photojournalist and Sony Artisans, Benjamin Lowy. Ben is a New York based photographer who has spanned the globe to bring us images from some of the most dangerous places imaginable including Iraq, Darfur, Afghanistan, and Libya (where he travelled with Tim Hetherington). Having considered … Continue reading Meeting Ben Lowy