On THE Road With The A7R III

Prelude: Kitsch.  Tackiness.  History.  Fun.  Adventure!  Photos. Route 66. The 'Mother Road'.  The mother-effing road of no less than our collective consciousness. And I mean that in an awe-struck way. An old, blind-in-one-eye Bloodhound, contentedly basking in the sun... a white, weather-worn porch swing creaking slowly in a gentle breeze... an occasional, barely detectable scent … Continue reading On THE Road With The A7R III

Carp’s Diefenbunker – The Coldwar Frozen In Time

Canadian Forces Station Carp, AKA the 'Diefenbunker', is a 4 story, 100,000 square foot underground nuclear fallout bunker located in Carp, Ontario - a short 30km west of Canada's Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa. Built during the height of the cold war era between 1959-1961, its purpose was to house and safeguard approximately 535 government … Continue reading Carp’s Diefenbunker – The Coldwar Frozen In Time

Gatineau’s (Enchanted) Jacques-Cartier Park

As part of the Canada 150 Celebrations this year, Jacques-Cartier Park in Gatineau is featuring the MosaiCanada event where-in plants have seemingly sprung from the ground to take on human, and sometimes bizarre non-human, form - like something from the imagination of Alan Moore or J.R.R Tolkien. These 40 massive plant sculptures along a 1km … Continue reading Gatineau’s (Enchanted) Jacques-Cartier Park