The Fun One (Sony RX100)

I have four ‘adopted children’.  I love them each dearly, and equally – but as any parent of siblings can tell you they each, of course, have their own distinct personality.

The first is ‘the serious one’. He graduated with honours, and top-of-his-class some time ago.  He’s well established in his professional career now, and very highly regarded in the industry. I don’t see him as much as I use to but we still get together when we can. I can’t help but swell with pride when thinking of him.

The next is ‘the rising star’.  She’s just finished her studies and has just entered the work world.  She’s ‘finding her way’, and on the path to establishing her life and career. She’s a ‘fresh, rising talent’ and people are beginning to recognize that. She has so much potential ahead – it’s exciting to watch her progress through this time of her life!

The next child, while amazingly talented, is just so misunderstood. She’s a bit of a rebel and ‘marches to the beat of her own drum’ and, in so doing, is sure to face much opposition and a tough road ahead. But I respect that about her, and even cherish that trait.  I know she’ll persevere, and the world will someday, undoubtedly, come to recognize that talent and be the better for it. It’s the rare person like her, with the courage to be different and the strength of their convictions, that truly have the potential to effect real change upon the world.

And that brings us to the fourth… ‘the fun one’.  The one that goes everywhere and does everything at the drop-of-a-hat. The one that doesn’t take life too seriously, is all about having fun and bringing cheer to others. The one that always makes you smile, and is often the subject of ‘remember when we…’ stories. Some might consider him a bit of a goof-ball. Others, upon seeing him, may question whether they are in fact taking things too seriously in their own lives. He’s a reminder that perhaps we all need to celebrate life a little more, relax, and have a bit more fun…

My children’s names are: D700, A7, Nikon1, and RX100.  Can you guess which is which?

If you guessed that the RX100 is ‘the fun one’, you’d be right!

RX100 Selfie
RX100 Selfie

As I write this, Sony has just recently announced the RX100 MIII (May 16th). Many existing RX100 owners will be looking to upgrade to the Mark III for its wider, faster lens and ultra-cool pop-up viewfinder.

Others may be wondering what an $899 Cdn pocket camera is all about.

I can tell you that the RX100 is… about fun!

The mini-camera's mini-mode
The mini-camera’s mini-mode

The pocket-friendly RX100 series is the go-anywhere camera that’s always with me.  Always ready for action. Always up for some fun and adventure.

If you’re looking to shoot a commercial project and sell a series of images for a million dollars in fine Gregory-Crewdson-fashion… the RX100 may not be for you.

If you’re patiently waiting-in-the-wings, ready to be discovered as the next, hot, emerging photo talent – the heir to the Chase Jarvis throne… the RX100 may not be for you.


If you want to impress your friends with the size of your sensor, or the curvature of your field… the RX100 might not be for you.

However, if you simply want to experience the joy of photography in a pure sense; if you subscribe to the Seussian philosophy that ‘it’s fun to have fun’… then the RX100 (Mark I, II, or III) just might be for you!


It's Fun To Have Fun But You Have To Know How!
It’s Fun To Have Fun But You Have To Know How!


RX100 At Night
RX100 At Night
The RX100 Is A Blast!
The RX100 Is A Blast!
The Littlest Things Amuse Me
The Littlest Things Amuse Me
Always With Me, Always Ready
Always With Me, Always Ready

2 thoughts on “The Fun One (Sony RX100)

  1. Jan

    Perfect! If I did not love my V1 so much…. I might just give this one a shot. Great photos as always – thanks.

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